June 25, 2017


Frequently Asked Questions

About QQRs

How much are the QQRs?

The QQR costs P3500 per volume of Political and Labor Law, Civil and Tax Law, and Commercial and Criminal Law, and, P4000 for Remedial Law and Legal Ethics, or a total of P14,500 for all four volumes. Each volume contains two (2) subjects.

What subjects are covered by each volume?

The volume titles are: Political/Labor; Civil/Taxation; Commercial/Criminal; and Remedial/Legal Ethics.

What is the latest edition of the QQR?

The latest edition for the QQR is 2019. We have alsocome up with Supplemental for 2018 and 2019. The 2021 Supplemental Edition will be released three months after the Supreme Court makes an announcement for the date of the next bar examinations.

Are the TRAIN law and Non-Competition Law covered by the QQR?

The 2019 QQR has been updated to contain TRAIN Law and Philippine Competition Law.

Ordering QQRs

Where can we buy the QQR?

The QQR is available at select Rex Book Stores. Please call the branch nearest to you to inquire if they have it in stock.

The QQR is not available in the Rex Book Store I went to, how else can I buy?

You can buy online at www.ceballosbartrends.com

Is the shipping cost the same even if I am just in Metro Manila?

The shipping and handling cost of P300 is the same for all destinations within the Philippines.

How can I pay for the QQR?

Payments may be made by the following methods:

  • PayPal (accessible only when you buy from our website)
  • Deposit to the following banks:

1) BDO

Account no.: 00357 0115 768

Account name: Poncevic M. Ceballos

2)  BPI Family

Account no:  6865 0506 72

Account name: Poncevic M. Ceballos

3)  EastWest Bank

Account no: 2000 2039 8484

Account name: Poncevic M. Ceballos

4) BPI

Account no: 9609 0849 76

  • GCash

Account number: 09178157537

Account name:  Leila Ceballos

  • Paymaya

Account number: 09178157537

Account name: Leila Ceballos

Account name: Poncevic M. Ceballos

How long before I receive the QQR after payment?

We usually send out the books immediately after we confirm the payment for the books and shipping cost, through your email to us of the deposit slip or advice from PayPal, unless it is holiday or Sunday when the courier’s office is closed.

Ceballos Mock Bar Exams (CMBE)

When is the next schedule of the mock bar exams?

The second cycle of the CMBE is on September 2, 9, 23, and 30 at the UP Law Center.

When will I receive the diagnostic report for every CMBE?

The Diagnostic Report for every exam shall be emailed after 20 calendar days from exam date.

What are the other inclusions of the CMBE?

There shall be analysis of handwriting and answers to be randomly chosen by Dean Vic Ceballos. Participants shall be motivated to excel.

Can I get a copy of my answer booklets?

Answer booklets shall be returned at the given delivery address for a fee of 300.00 per shipment. Participant may opt to have a one-time shipment of all his/her answer booklets.

Will I be receiving the answer keys?

Answer keys as suggested by the UP Law Center or Ceballos Bar Trends shall be emailed to the participant.