June 18, 2017

About Us

Introduction And History

Ceballos Bar Trends’ goal is to make sure you top or at least pass the Bar Exams.

We know how tough it is to study for the bar — we’ve been there, and we know that there’s a lot of information to review, and not enough time to review them in. This is where Ceballos Bar Trends comes in. We want to make your review period easier, faster and more effective.

Our realistic goal is for bar reviewees to top, or at least pass the bar in three scientific ways:

First, by reading our published materials for all eight (8) bar subjects called, Quick Quick Reviewers (QQRs).”  They are bar-driven as the backbone of these publications are legal provisions and jurisprudences that have asked in bar examinations by the Philippine Supreme Court in the last seventeen (17) years, from 2000 to 2017.   The topics, too, are presented according to the frequency (from the most to the least frequent) that they have been asked during the said years, affording the readers more time to read on certain topics and allowing them to gain mastery thereof.

Second, is to let the bar candidates take the Ceballos Mock Bar Exams (CMBE), to be held throughout the country – please watch this page for schedule announcements. This way, the bar bets are able to gauge their readiness to take the bar exams, pinpoint which topics in the 8 bar subjects they need to devote more time in reviewing and take out the anxiety in taking the bar exams.  With these in mind, getting a passing mark in the bar, at the very least or even topping it becomes more achievable.

Third is the Pass Top the Bar Lecture Series, where we have very focused, highly impactful one subject a day only lectures which discusses only the most important topics (and gets rid of those unimportant) for you to top the bar.


Our Founder and Team

Dean Ceballos has been teaching lawyers for the past 25 years, making sure they pass the bar!

Ceballos Bar Trends is the brainchild of Dean Vic Ceballos, who has been a dean and faculty professor for multiple law schools for over 25 years. He has done many guest lectures across the country, teaching students how to study smarter – not harder – for the bar exams. Dean Vic has also written many publications on the subject of law, specifically on how to pass the bar exams.

It is Dean Vic Ceballos’ belief that the bar exams can be cracked more easily and scientifically, and that is why he advocates the use of better books and learning aids. to study for the bar. “Passing the bar should be easy and fun! It should not be difficult or panic-inducing!” says Dean Ceballos.